Maamoul Press welcomes submissions of printed work for consideration to be sold through our platform. Submissions will be internally reviewed on a quarterly basis for overall quality and alignment with the below criteria:

  • Works by BIPOC women, trans, and non-binary artists
  • By-us-for-us storytelling: The themes or story/narrative of the work is from the perspective of/created by a member of that community. The work is rooted in some way in the writer or artist’s lived experience (even if the work isn’t strictly autobiographical)
  • Stories and perspectives that are often overlooked or not centered in other spaces
  • Thematically and visually inventive or innovative
  • Works that push and question various (social/genre/medium, etc) boundaries

  • Visually driven: The story/narrative/content is driven primarily or in large part by visuals. When positioned alongside text, the visuals should do at least as much work as the text in driving the storytelling
  • We are very keen to support artist-writers or independent artists who create the entire work from start to finish. That said, we do accept works created by collaborators, and anthologies from independent/small presses and collectives, on a limited basis
  • Length: At least 6 pages in length 
  • We ask that all submissions be geared towards YA (16+) or older; we do not carry children’s books 
  • Printing medium is open, we accept anything from hand-stapled and inkjet-printed zines to meticulously screen printed and perfect-bound art books. We just ask that however you choose to print and assemble your zine or book, it is clear that it has been done with the level of care and attention to detail that your work deserves!

  • Printing medium is open, but should be of an acceptable print/poster/postcard quality/paper weight and high resolution (at least 300 dpi for digital works/reproductions). We are happy to advise on print production of accepted work if desired
  • Prints should be in a run/edition of at least 10 copies; we do not carry single unique originals
  • This is not a fine art gallery; prints should be accessibly priced 

  • Submissions are reviewed at the end of March and September of each year. 
  • Our current review team is comprised of Maamoul Press organzing members, Aya Krisht, Leila Abdelrazaq and Soumya Dhulekar
  • We notify about acceptance of submitted work in April and October of each year. If we do not accept your work, we will let you know why it was not selected for inclusion

  • Works are sold on consignment basis, with the Artist shipping printed works to Maamoul Press. We will reimburse shipping costs 
  • For international submissions (from outside the U.S./North America), we understand shipping restrictions are a factor, and are open to working with artists to identify solutions for getting their works to us, if accepted 
  • The Artist retains full copyright of the work 
  • Works will be sold online on the Maamoul Press website, and in person at fairs and expos for an agreed upon retail price. The artist will be paid 70% of the retail price for each copy of the work sold. Maamoul Press may sell (in limited percentage of overall stock) works in bulk at a Wholesale price to businesses (book stores, cafes, etc) for resale, in which case the Artist will be paid 35% of the retail price for each copy sold Wholesale 
  • Payments are currently made twice-yearly, in January and July (we will resume making payments on a quarterly basis once in-person book/zine fairs are regularly happening again)

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