Maa’moul / معمول 

A traditional Arab pastry with a date or nut filling and ornamental design often pressed onto the surface using a carved mold. From the root word ’amal / عمل meaning to work or to make.

Maamoul Press

A multi-disciplinary small press and collective for the creation, curation and dissemination of art at the intersection of comics, printmaking, and book arts. We seek to uplift work from a diverse range of creators from marginalized backgrounds, fostering the arts in those communities through publishing, workshops, exhibitions, and distribution.

Our Ethos

Storytelling for us, by us

When we tell our own stories, we write our own histories, analyze our present realities, and imagine our collective futures. And, we do so independent of outside "experts" who seek to frame the narrative around our lives and experiences.

By positioning the work of diaspora artists alongside the work of artists living in our home countries, we seek to break down barriers that fragment our communities.
Forging the arts spaces we need

We’re run by artists, for artists. We create opportunities for our work and the work of others like us to enter spaces that we are often (both implicitly and explicitly) barred from.

We forge space for multiple, diverse narratives from our communities in arts spaces, resisting tokenization, fetishization, and the idea that we and our people are a monolith.

We work in opposition to all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, zionism, Islamophobia, classism, and other forces of oppression that seek to keep us silenced and marginalized.
Generating knowledge through community 

Our approach to making art and sharing knowledge is rooted in a DIY ethos with a long tradition in printmaking and zine making spaces.

We recognize that formal arts training is not accessible and seek to center and uplift self-taught artists, while also forging alternative, community-based modes of sharing knowledge.

We’re dedicated to supporting new emerging artists, and helping sustain the practice of more established artists. We believe in the importance of peer mentorship and are dedicated to building structures of support for our creative communities.

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